The Group

In AMT Group the common commitment is to find solid and effective solutions to the different needs of the customer, achieving this with great passion.

The experience and know-how of the group allow us to provide 360° solutions. Flexibility, efficiency and performance make us a reliable and competitive partner.

Our Know-how

Our skills cover several areas and we have integrated them into a single project.

  • Medical, for Airlight™ product hygiene protocols Airlight™ dies
  • Oil&Gas, for quality control procedures and resource management.
  • Food & Beverage, to optimize production processes and offer solutions for qualitative products.
  • Electronics & Software, to deliver a high-tech experience.

Support Services

Direct Assistance

You can contact customer support to verify and resolve problems electronically. AMT technicians, with the customer's authorization, can remotely connect to the system in alarm status and solve the problem in a very short time.

On site Assistance

The customer can request immediate technical assistance on site. A dedicated team of technicians will promptly respond with the necessary spare parts.

Premium Care

Regular maintenance plan for the inspection and replacement of components, including die parts.


AMT stands for the ultimate innovation in one of the most traditional production chains, namely that of pasta.