Custom-made matrix design

The uniqueness of your Airlight die

Every producer has its own peculiarities. 

In AMT we strongly believe the importance of process’ analysis and custom-made design.

The innovative Airlight technology will enable you to realize a new product, exclusive and of superior quality. According to a process specifically designed for your production needs.

We do not offer a die but a process optimization starting from your needs.

The definition of your Airlight system

La definizione del tuo impianto Airlight​

On-site studies and analysis of the extrusion plant

a. Production process
b. Press Type
c. Pre-existing automation
d. Local network configuration
e. Raw material coding

Airlight matrix design

a. The dies are dimensioned specifically for the type of extrusion plant and the type of mix.

Cloud Platform Design

a. Implementation of the corporate Cloud platform
Software for the remote management and monitoring of production processes and all connected machinery, archiving of processing data and batch production reports

Airlight temperature control system design

a. Heat Output Sizing
b. Black Box Realization
c. Realization of software for automation management

Industrial 4.0 Digital Transformation

a. Creation of a local network for the management and monitoring of the automatisms involving the production process, including the management of the extrusion temperature
b. Equipment Interconnection

Technical Surveys and Feasibility Studies

Thanks to the expertise of the AMT team we carry out:

  1. Technical surveys on behalf of third parties for the construction and mechanical sector
  2. Feasibility studies and optimization of third party processes for the mechanical and automation sector.
  3. Consultancy for the realization of industrial patents, we study and produce texts and drawings to support you in filing the patent and we assist you at the examiners' replicas.