AMT and its approach to the industry.

From the analysis of the raw material, the undisputed ruler of the pasta production chain, to how to best express and enhance its quality through innovative and certified solutions.


"Behind every pasta dish, there's a story worth telling"

In Italy, following the law of 4th July 1967 n.580, pasta can be obtained exclusively from durum wheat while in some foreign countries the use of soft wheat is allowed.
Nowadays more than 700 different varieties of durum wheat and soft wheat are cultivated around the world, each one has its own peculiarity and character.
From wheat to flour (semolina, wholemeal etc.) and each transformation process can produce a different flour, each pasta factory has its own recipe with a different percentage of water in the dough and each plant has its own parameters of extrusione and drying

"The breathing die"

Airlight is the new and revolutionary method of extrusion at controlled temperature, this technological discovery allows to obtain a very high quality product thanks to an effective control of the extrusion temperature, so the pasta is even more genuine and safer.


Our Evolution


We only use certified and guaranteed materials, which is why we have chosen to replace bronze with the same material that we use in our kitchens, stainless steel.

Raw material analysis

Today there are some standards [UNI, ISO, CEN, ICC, AACC, AOAC] that indicate the methodologies and tools to analyze raw material chemical and rheological characteristics.

With the help of the appropriate tools it is possible to identify a complete and clear profile of the raw material and to codify every kind of dough.
Each die and each format are specifically designed and sized for that specific mixing code that the manufacturer intends to use.

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