Airlight™ technology is the only system on the market capable of complying with all the strict regulations, standards, decrees and food codes existing in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

The determining factors that guarantee such safety are mainly due to: 

  • Temperature control
  • Food production parameters monitoring and data storage
  • Use of Food Contact materials
  • Traceability of processes and materials

Maximum transparency, our aim is to facilitate access to all information and regulations on food safety in order to guide our customers to make an informed purchase.
Businesses, but also end consumers, can download free of charge the regulations of the sector through our portal and compare in a simple and direct way with the government indications.

Food hygiene

Temperature control requirements in production stages.

Business operators must implement specific measures to comply with the temperature control of food.
Food business operators must identify critical control points at the stage or stages where control is essential.
Business operators must establish documents and records to demonstrate the effective application of these controls.

HCCP application in accordance with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is mentioned as a reference text.

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Materials and goods to come into contact with food

The traceability of materials and goods is guaranteed at all stages to facilitate control. 

Materials shall not constitute a hazard to human health.

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Manufacturing practices for materials and goods destined to come into contact with food

The regulation applies to all sectors and all stages of production of materials.

Operators in the sector must set up, implement and enforce an effective and documented quality assurance system. Operators in the sector must set up, implement and enforce an effective and documented quality assurance system.

Materials must meet pre-determined specifications.

Business operators must establish and maintain adequate documentation on manufacturing processes and appliances for the compliance and safety of finished materials and goods.

The industry operator must inform the local sanitation authorities of the activities it carries out. ( Circular 29569 17/07/2017 )

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Recommendation of United States Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration

Time/temperature controls must be implemented in risk analyses according to the use restrictions for the food categories produced.

Requirements and indications on materials.

Restrictions on the use of copper-based materials, such as brass and bronze.

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Disciplina sanzionatoria in base CE 1935/2004 – CE 2023/2006

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EC 852/2004 sanctions regulation

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Hygienic regulation of goods intended to come into contact with foodstuffs

All materials suitable for food contact are listed

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General rules of hygiene and food safety

It is the text of reference for WHO and FAO.

The temperatures required in the processing stages must be reached in the shortest possible time and must be maintained constant.

Appropriate control and monitoring measures must be applied in temperature management.

A temperature control must also take into account records at regular intervals.

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General rules of hygiene and food safety

Implementation of Directive (EEC) No 76/893 relating to the materials and

goods intended to come into contact with food.

Applicable since: 3-12-2018

Legislative confirmation on the obligation of technological adaptation also for commercial and industrial actors producing food.

Companies must be provided with the declaration of conformity and be able to allow the competent control bodies to identify the supplier or producer of the materials or articles used.

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