Airlight™ dies - Air Thermoregulation

The Airlight™ dies is highly innovative because it allows the thermoregulation of the dies in an extensive way

Every single extrusion hole is subjected to heat exchange and makes the extruded product more homogeneous, even in the biggest dies.

A flow of thermoregulated air is injected into the die to exchange heat with the internal chamber. 

trafila airlight
trafila airlight hydro

Airlight™ Hydro - Liquid Thermoregulation

For the most demanding systems we have devised a new type of liquid thermoregulation to enhance the heat exchange of the Airlight ™ dies, achieving even higher performance..

The Airlight™ dies  Hydro it works both in heating and in cooling with a dedicated closed circuit that modulate the thermal power according to the temperature of the Airlight™ dies.


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