Airlight™ Technology

Airlight™ dies is the only worldwide that allows you to manage the temperature of the die in a precise and effective way.
Airlight™ dies have been specifically designed to increase productivity while preserving in same time the organoleptic properties of food.

With the Airlight™ system you will experience the maximum connectivity of the production plants with the user who will be able to monitor and manage the extrusion phases remotely. The tradition of good pasta and the innovation of the best technology, for a unique, exclusive and high-quality product.

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Process Innovation: Air Temperature Regulation

The Airlight™ dies is highly innovative because it allows the thermoregulation of the dies in an extensive way. Every single extrusion hole is subjected to heat exchange and makes the extruded product more homogeneous, even in the biggest dies.
A thermoregulated air flow is injected into the die to exchange heat with the internal chamber. 

A sensor reports the temperature of the die to the electronic system that manages the heat and airflow.
This system allows to monitor and manage the temperature, hot and cold, in both ways and to keep it constant over time

Different temperatures can be chosen and the user can experiment and determine their ideal configuration.

The available temperature range goes from 20°C to 200°C depending on the mix to be used.

Air temperature control systems do not require high operating pressures and are therefore safe even at high temperatureshey have an excellent thermal efficiency and do not need any type of liquid for cooling, reducing the risk of leaks and contamination with food products
Finally the most important parameter is under control.