Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the cutting edge of industrial automation where hi-tech systems are adopted to increase plant productivity, refine product quality and improve working conditions and environments. In an industry 4.0, computerized systems control physical processes and are able to communicate both with staff and with each other via cloud systems.

Airlight™ Cloud

4.0 businesses need to connect to any device from anywhere in the world and access a large amount of data not only for management or monitoring, but also for the development of new applications that can evolve and integrate easily. 

Cloud platforms are the ideal solution. 

Airlight™ Cloud is designed specifically for manufacturing industries that want to remotely manage and control the plants remotely and archive production reports in an automated way.
Reports associated with production batches are automated and data retention complies with current industry regulations.

Cloud architecture features advanced security protocols and can only be accessed with registered and verified credentials.

AMT offers solid and effective solutions to transform a traditional company into a SMART FACTORY by boosting productivity, safety, hygiene and product quality.

"Not only Smart Working but above all Smart Factory"

All the potential in your hands

Airlight™ thermoregulation system Airlight™ dies is the result of the 4.0 evolutiona binomial of excellence between mechanics and electronics for industrial applications. The combination of an innovative structure and the most advanced electronics makes the Airlight™ system a unique and exclusive patented technology. There is nothing like it on the market.
The electronics consists of a series of latest generation modules, controllers and interfaces specifically designed for SMART FACTORY systems.

The engaging graphical user interface offers the operator a new control experience.
he main Dashboard displays a synoptic overview of all extrusion processes and enables them to be managed in simple steps.
The operator can analyze in real time the parameters and characteristics of the dough in use and carry out corrective actions.
Each batch is associated to a complete production report so the operator can consult the parameters of previous productions.

AMT and research

We invest resources every day in research and development of new techniques and methodologies for the agri-food sector and much more.
The new discoveries are an opportunity for the development and growth of insights that can promote technological progress

Being constantly updated on modern technologies and scientific work in the academic field is our prerogative.
We test each new research with a critical spirit but with an open mind, always keeping a keen eye on new market trends.

Airlight™ systems Airlight™ dies are in constant evolution and we want to guarantee the evolutionary continuity of our products by implementing new technologies and new control platforms.

“Each discovery is the result of sacrifice and passion of those who questioned the indisputable and made possible what was impossible.”