Innovation as a competitive advantage

Transition 4.0 & Smart Factory

The industrial technologies applicable to a factory within the 'Smart Factory' framework are numerous, as well as the areas of application and possible use cases.

AMT provides a concrete answer to the increasingly imposing need to move in a 4.0 perspective for the realities facing today's market.

The digitalization of business processes is today a fundamental asset for maintaining or gaining a competitive advantage.

4.0 Innovation with AMT

We analyze the traditional production processes

To make them compatible with Industry 4.0 management and accompany artisan companies to a gradual transition to a Smart Factory

360° Studies

The study starts from the process and work procedures up to the final stages of product delivery.

Industrial digitalization

We apply modern technologies to transform a simple mechanical operation into a communicative electro-mechanical operation capable of generating digital information that can be viewed in real time and obtain fundamental performance indices for modern companies that are attentive to management costs.

Cloud control and management platforms

using Cutting-edge latest technologies.


Integration of alarms on digital platforms (Email, Cloud, Telegram)


Compatible data management for artificial intelligence and blockchain algorithms.